Supreme Corporation

Cooling Yarns

The Ultimate Temperature Control Technology

Discover Supreme Corporation’s cooling yarns, smart conductive fibers designed to provide you with unmatched temperature control in any environment.

These high-performance yarns are engineered to keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, giving you the ultimate comfort in any environment. Experience the future of wearable technology with Supreme Corporation’s cooling yarn technology, and enjoy a comfortable experience all year round.

Adaptive Temperature Regulation

Cooling yarns are made with innovative conductive fibers that respond to your body’s temperature, providing you with optimal thermal comfort. They work by absorbing and releasing heat according to your body’s needs, ensuring you stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Enhanced Breathability

The unique construction of our cooling yarns promotes airflow and moisture-wicking, keeping you dry during your most intense workouts or daily activities. By allowing your skin to breathe, cooling yarns help prevent overheating and maintain an ideal body temperature throughout the day.

Functional & Versatile

Cooling yarns are perfect for creating a wide range of comfortable and functional garments. From activewear to casual clothing, these yarns can be incorporated into various designs to suit your requirements, providing you with the ultimate temperature control.

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Exceed customer expectations with Supreme Corporation’s cooling yarn technology.