Our Patents

Our safety products are protected by one or more of the following:


7,111,445; 7,214,425; 7,770,372; 7,939,686; 8,671,462; 8,875,312; 8,887,534; 9,457,206; 9,994,979; 10,201,200; 10,520,280; 10,570,538; 10,697,112; D810,361; 11,435,168 and Foreign Issued Patents.

Published Pending Applications:

US-2016-0194793; US-2018-0087191; US-2021-0207294; US-2020-0132418; US-2020-0255984; US-2020-0345083 and other US & Foreign Patents Pending.

Our trademarks:

Tuff-N-Lite® is a registered trademark of Supreme Corporation. Micro-Texpur® is a registered trademark of Micro-Texpur, LLC.

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