VOLT Wearable Tech Solutions for Brands & Government Agencies

Use our expertise in the design of high-performance smart yarns to develop innovative products for your specialty markets.

SMart Yarn Technology

Customizable Technology Solutions You Can Wear

Health Monitoring

NASA Sensors

Our award-winning VOLT Smart Yarns, paired with NASA-licensed technology, give fabrics the ability to monitor the health and movement of living beings.

Location Tracking

Custom IoT / GPS

The VOLT IoT/GPS tracker is the most powerful, small, and wearable GPS available today. We create custom solutions for the Military, Police, Department of Corrections, Firefighters, Coast Guard, and more.

Safety & Performance

Smart LEDs

Track your pace and get there safely with Smart LEDs. Use it as a training tool. Set your pace in the application, and Smart LEDs will tell you when you’re on track.

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