Supreme Corporation Named 2022 Top 10 Wearable Technology Solutions Provider

We’re proud to announce Supreme Corporation was named a top 10 company at the forefront of providing Wearable Technology solutions and transforming businesses by Applied Technology Review.

Our CEO, Matt Kolmes, was featured on the front cover of Applied Technology Review, where he talked about Supreme Corporation’s efforts to push the smart textile revolution forward.

“We are changing impossible to possible, making the world a better place,” says Matt Kolmes, CEO of Supreme Corporation. “The ultimate goal behind developing this technology is to be able to intervene and get medical assistance to people who need it before an emergency occurs.”

Applied Technology Review (July 2022 Edition)

Supreme Corporation continues to spearhead the smart textile revolution as the inventor of high-strength composite yarn. Our conductive smart yarn, the world’s first, is creating a wealth of potential for health and medical applications. Our sensor-embedded yarns continuously and noninvasively monitor vital signs and movements of people wearing these smart fabrics.

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